00FUL-5f6391b7-cd38-4ea2-a750-1f78f1458276 Tempest Arrives November 29 in GMSI’m excited! Are you excited? Of course you are! Friday afternoon, Nexon America released the teaser website for the Tempest update. The teaser site revealed that the first part of the update, Into the Storm, will arrive on November 29th, 2012.

What’s going to happen on part one? Well, let’s see here:
1.3rd and 4th job advancements can now be made at lower levels!
2.Equipment no longer has substat requirements so you have more options!
3.The Tempest Coin Shop is up and running and ready to exchange rare items for your Tempest Coins!
3.Bosses now have an Aggro ranking so you can choose your battles wisely.
4.You can now gain Honor Experience in Azwan whenever you want!
5.The maximum character slots have increased from 15 to 18 per world so you can try every class!