Q: Any plans for other, non-KMS, awesome classes to come to GMS, like Hayato or Kanna from JMS?

A: It would be really awesome if we could get that content at some point. JMS’ Sengoku Era updates looked great!

Q: Would there be any way to purge IGNs for characters that, say, are under level 30 and haven’t been accessed for a year? Something like that. It’s getting harder and harder to come up with unique IGNs.

A: Because of the exact reason you mentioned, things along these lines have been discussed to determine their technical feasibility, but due to the hurdles involved, there are no plans to go forward with it at this time.

If we were to implement such a feature, for any player on hiatus, we wouldn’t delete a name without warning.

Q: Will name changes make a come back in the cash shop?

A: There are currently no plans to implement the old system unless it can be clearly improved, since the old system was slow and generated more errors than with which we or many players were comfortable.

Q: What are Nexon’s plans, if any, about about adding actual relevant content for high leveled players to explore, instead of adding new classes?

currently, the only worthwhile content for 160+ players is the stronghold area and looking at future content coming from kms, magnus is the only interesting thing being released in gms for high leveled players soon. besides that, it’s all just new classes and no relevant high level content for the future 6 or 7 months it seems.

A: We are definitely interested in releasing more content for high level characters, but the implementation thereof is dependent upon our developers’ resources amidst our schedule of releasing KMS content, seasonal events, and general events and content for a broad range of levels, amongst other things.

Q: One question, although I have not been able to play GMS Luminous yet, (Due to computer issues) I have played the KmS version and the whole light dark system was pretty cool. Dark didn’t do or hit as much as light but costed no mp, meanwhile light was Mana Pot massacre but with amazing skills and damage. Although I yet to formulate my own opinion, what was your thought behind changing the system to the way it is now? Will you be tweaking the Dragon Sustem or recharge system as well?

A: The Luminous change was actually a decision made by our development team’s management, but I can relay what was conveyed to us. They said that KMS players were excited about the light vs. dark choice in lower levels, but that the story and the gameplay did not pan out as well as they expected as they progressed. The unified story and new gameplay mechanics were what the team at the developers came up with for GMS and possibly other services.

Kaiser’s Command System has been modified for similar reasons. The same team as above said that the original mechanics of it did not function as well as they had hoped and that some of the key combinations were cumbersome, which discouraged many players from fully utilizing the system. The mechanics have been improved and many of the key combinations have been simplified and/or made straightforward, allowing players to better make full use of the system.