elementalist-traits Elementalist Trait GuideEach profession in Guild Wars 2 has a total of five trait lines and they’re generally themed according to the profession. For the elementalist it’s actually quite simple, the first four are elements and the fifth is the arcane, a generalist trait line. Traits provide three separate bonuses, the first is the passive attribute bonus, the second is a minor trait bonus that unlocks at 5, 15, and 25 points and is not selectable, and the third is the major trait bonus at 10, 20, and 30 points which can be selected by the player.

Traits are critical to making builds because many of the major traits play directly into some build ideas. That’s why elementalists have be careful not to get stuck in the mentality that each trait line is for a specific element, but focus on what each one offers. Sure, putting your points into fire will make your fire abilities better, but it’s generally assumed that the fire line will increase your damage, with the option to buff summoned weapons, some signets, and your fire themed spells.

We’ll delve into each trait line and try to understand the various major traits, along with how the passive attribute bonuses contribute to the profession. If you need to know more about attributes, check out our attribute guide. We’ll also be taking a look at how traits syngergize and picking up combos is a great idea.

To make things simple, any numbers referenced are estimates and theoretical, based off of the default PvP armor set. As the game evolves, they may alter or move numbers around and you may gear yourself differently, so assume all numbers are there as estimates. Any combos of traits listed are basic synergies, traits are heavily build dependent and you must customize your traits to your build.