GW2_skill-challenge-queensdale-banner Complete Skill Challenge Guide to Queensdalekill challenge locations will be clearly marked on your map. To see where they are located, open your map by hitting the [M] key.

Indicates a skill challenge that has not been completed
Indicates a skill challenge that has been completed
Skill Challenge #1 – Scaver Plateau

The first skill challenge in Queensdale is located on the Scaver Plateau, just south of Shaemoor Garrison. All you need to do to complete this skill challenge is commune with the pillar of light. This is the easiest skill challenge in Queensdale. Just keep an eye out for wandering centaurs!

Skill Challenge #2 – Chhk the Windmill King

The second skill challenge in Queensdale can be found east of the first skill challenge location (Scaver Plateau) on the west side of the Windloss Delves. On the top of a hill, there is a ruined building. If you go behind the building, you can jump/run up the ramp leading to the interior of the second story of the building. Here you’ll find Chhk the Windmill King. To gain a skill point from this challenge, you’ll have to fight him. Ranged weapons work the best here as he does a whirlwind attack knocking everybody back that is in melee combat with him and causing damage.

Skill Challenge #3 – Franklin Quickblade and Rogues

This skill challenge is located north of Altar Brook Vale and south of the Bandithaunt Caverns, which lies in the heart of brigand country. Here you’ll find a chest marked “Bandit Loot” that will start the skill challenge. To win the challenge and gain your skill point, the player must defeat Franklin Quickblade and his band of rogues.

This skill challenge can be difficult as Franklin Quickblade is accompanied by two rogues, he is pretty tough and there a lot of bandits roaming the area. Make sure you don’t run around too much and accidentally aggro other brigands. Also keep an eye on the status of the farm located directly to the south, as brigands may spawn near this skill challenge for a dynamic event that takes place at the farm.guild wars 2 complete skill challenge guide to queensdale