ranger-main1 Preview to the Ranger Build

Rangers- The Long distance fighters of GW2. Much as the game suggests, they carry bows/shortbows/ or even two-handed swords, whichever one is best for you. Rangers are great for single target enemies. Rangers will be overwhelmed if they verse a large mob of monsters.


For this build, it is best to use the longbow and short-bow, as it is based largely off of kiting your enemy, and killing them off from a safe distance while your pet can tank the enemy if need be.

Trait Progression Order

1.      10 Marksmanship
2.      10 Skirmishing
3.      10 Marksmanship
4.      10 Skirmishing
5.      5 Marksmanship
6.      5 Skirmishing
7.      10 Nature Magic
8.      10 Wilderness Survival


Marksmanship is a must for this build, as it will contribute to most of your damage since this is not a crit based build. You also won’t need to dodge very often, so you can get a nice damage boost by throwing steady focus in the “adept” slot. Get “Eagle Eye” for the masters slot in order to boost your long-bow range. This is going to be your primary damage, so make sure to get Eagle Eye.


Though this is not a crit-based build, skirmishing is still required so that you can reduce the cool-downs on your weapons. The increased crit-damage in this case is just an added bonus . Get Sharpened Edges as your first trait to boost your crit damage even further and also give a last resort, just in case that enemy almost kills you, and you find yourself in a “run for your life” type of situation. Now, for the fun part, Quick Draw. This is the reason your are spec-ing  into this tree, and it will seriously boost your damage.

Wilderness Survival

This is the least important part of this tree. Just put 10points here so that your pet can take down foes quicker/better.

Nature Magic

Nature magic is AWESOME for 2 reasons. It helps keep you at max health, since it starts regenerating health at 75%, and  you can get Strength of Spirit as your trait to boost your damage a little further.