banner11  Elementalist Profession GuideFor those who had played in Guild Wars, you know that elementalists are the benders of nature’s forces. They are the ones who melt away your health as they pound away at their foes with sheer power. By controlling the elements of fire, air, earth, water and arcane they work to control the fields of war. Of course they do not always have to be full out damage dealing monsters, elementalists can vary in combat style since each element is meant for different rolls.

Because of the  comlexity, and because their is simply so much in GW2 to cover about all classes, i like to use a convenient GW2 guide. In my opinion, i use the GW2 Domination guide, because it contains the best information about the GW2 classes. Not to mention it also includes crafting, PvP builds, Leveling Guides, and a whole bunch more stuff. To check out this guide, and learn more about it, heres a link to their website:

banner11  Elementalist Profession GuideNormally classes in Guild Wars 2 want to focus in to build a single thing such as thieves building heavy stealth combined with bursting damage. This class varies greatly being that it is much more fluid and allows for more diversity.They cannot focus just on one element because of many reasons. One may run in with fire to crush the defensive line, however if they push back you must hold meaning a switch to earth is required. If a player has just managed to jump out of battle with little health but is still needed, an elemental switch to water heals you up to continue. For you to be able to perform to your maximum potential, switches must be frequently made.

banner11  Elementalist Profession GuideOf course there is also the traits line that each character has a total of 5 of. Each again of course is meant to boost your ability to play as a certain roll when in battle. I will also list those below:

Adept   Arcane Mastery

Arcane skills recharge 20% faster.

Adept   Arcane Resurrection

When you revive an ally, you and the revived ally gain an aura based on your attunement.

Adept   Arcane Retribution

Gain Arcane Power at 75% health.