diablo-3-barbarian Diablo III Classes: The Barbarian Review

diablo-3-barbarian Diablo III Classes: The Barbarian ReviewA class we all know and love from the other Diablo series games, the Barbarian comes back with the familiar brute force attack styles, but also appeals to women as well, introducing the female version of the character.

It seems that Diablo III Barbarian gameplay is very similar to that of Diablo II, and that some skills have been carried along. We do see a serious change in the character’s look, though: the Diablo II Barbarian was a huge, young, tattooed male, but the D3 Barbarian has a white beard, grey hair, and muscular physique. The female Barbarian is a strong, bodybuilder-esque woman with orange hair.

As usual, Barbarians rely on dual wielded weapons and melee combat. Leaping attacks and ground stomps have carried over into Diablo 3, using blades, hammers, axes, and huge weapons in general. Dual wielding is awesome because you can get so many bonuses and perks from two weapons – and we love dual wielding weapons, don’t we? 😉

The resource that we see used by Barbarians instead of Mana is Fury, using it to enhance their strikes and send enemies to their death! Barbarian war cries, or Shouts, either perk their allies and enhance their skills, or scare off enemies. Fury, as opposed to the resources of other classes, is gained with each blow. Damage actually fills your Fury orb! If you have enough, you can use Fury for explosive blows and jumping attacks, and brutal attacks against enemies. Fury actually depletes if you don’t battle enough!