100,000 beta keys have been handed out! Is this a sign of a release date? I think so. It appears Blizzard has tested out the base beta game and polished it enough for worldwide testing! This is great news.

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There is no need to worry if you have been left out of beta. Its not very long and at times, can make you more impatient. The greatest part of playing beta, on the other hand, is that you get to play all 5 characters and pick the one you love most. I am personally fond of the Witch Doctor and Barbarian. I can’t seem to choose one or the other, so I figure I will have 2 characters.

Here’s a quick run down on how all 5 characters play in beta and my predictions for end game.

Barbarian: He has a lot of DPS and can take hits but I think groups will want him to be more defensive in the end-game rather than DPS. I’m a DPS guy, and even though the Barbarian can be set up for a good DPS build, I believe harder difficulties will lead groups to want a tank.

Wizard: The Wizard is pure DPS in beta and she will continue to be pure DPS at level 60. Although, at the end game portion, she will be more vulnerable too attacks making her a “glass cannon”.

Demon Hunter: The DH is a somewhat like the Wizard except that she will be more responsible for slowing mobs and setting traps. She does get attack bonuses on slowed enemies later in the game.

Monk: The Monk is a team leader and buffs the whole group. He is a well rounded character with both DPS and Tank qualities. I think the Monk will stay steady in this position even in the endgame. His buffs and heals will be very valuable for groups.

Witch Doctor: The Witch Doctor plays as a crowd control character and he will be expected to do so later in the game as well. Although, I must say that there are many different builds to make the Witch Doctor a good crowd control character.

Well, if you got into beta, congratulations! If not, watch out for phishing schemes. Make sure to double check the emails and who sent them to you. Also, check the URLs to ensure they are direct from Blizzard.

Good Luck and Cross Your Fingers for a Release!